Sunday, March 18, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Travis Alexander (@TravAlexander1)

Travis Alexander Terrell is a songwriter, singer, and producer from San Jose, CA. He is in the beginning stages of his recording career but has been around the industry since he was 17. His love of music came from growing up listening to Soul and R&B from the 50's to today. Eventually he came to love hip hop that was in the mainstream and that was playing in his home region, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Travis first started out going out with friends in high school to house parties and clubs. From there, Travis would record all of the nights and put it on his MySpace before YouTube was even out. Eventually this caught the eye of his DJ friend, Tito Bell, whom he used to film local events with during the peak of the Hyphy Movement in 2003 - 2006. During this time, the duo was able to link up with Bay Area Artist Mistah FAB when Tito became his DJ.

Trav's passion for the industry eventually sent him to Los Angeles where he earned a degree in Video Production and Digital Graphics from Cal State Dominguez Hills. During his time there, he would link up with Nick Cannon and intern for Ncredible Entertainment, where he eventually became Nick's first hired intern when he was hired by Nick himself on a movie set. He was the manager of Nick's digital media and internet presence, as well as assisting with media production with his signed artists on Ncredible included RydazNrtisT, Aaron Fresh, School Gyrls, Colette Carr, and The Rangerz. He has since worked for the San Francisco 49ers and ESPN.

All the while Travis had always done music production on the side. He first started in 2002 when he was given Fruity Loops by his long time friend, DJ Kay Rich. From there music was always a passion. The moment he knew he wanted to be apart of the music industry was when he heard Ginuwine's debut album, The Bachelor. Timbaland's production inspired him to be apart of the entertainment industry.

From the encouragement of artists who heard his music, Travis decided to make a run at the music industry as talent himself and has since been recording tracks for his debut mixtape dropping in 2012.

Check out Travis' latest single 'Come Thru' below:

Track Download: HERE
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