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Basic Submissions: Bay Area Artists Only

To submit music send content to the submissions email address (located below) along with twitter links if applicable. When submitting a track (s), please clarify if you'd like your music available for download or not as we are aware that some artists just like their music streamed. Also, when submitting music, please include a photo and/or artwork. Please make sure all files are labeled correctly and all links are valid.

Artist Spotlight: Bay Area Artists Only

To be a featured in the Artist Spotlight section of our site you must be an artist that is from/based in the Bay Area and submit a full artist profile which includes:

  • Short bio
  • Photos (minimum 1)
  • Booking info
  • Websites (Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Reverb Nation, etc)
  • Info on past, present, and upcoming projects (for forthcoming projects be sure to include release date (or estimated release date), and desired content to be showcased which includes: music,videos, interviews, and/or upcoming shows.
Videos & Live Performances:Bay Area Artists Only

Music Videos: When submitting music videos also submit mp3 file  & twitter name if applicable.
Live Performances: When submitting performance footage please include date and location of performance and also the songs performed. Also submit twitter name if applicable.

Director Submissions:

If you are a Bay Area director, we accept all videos for Bay Area Artists. We also accept videos from non-Bay Area directors only if a Bay Area artist is the main or a featured artist.

SEND ALL CONTENT with "Artist Submission: (put artist name after colon)" in the subject line. Submissions lacking any of the requirements listed above will not be posted.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your continued support of WABM. - @TianaKristin

For all other inquires contact TK @: